Turquoise and Mesquite

It’s fall in Santa Fe, and that means in the chilly evenings when I walk outside at night for one of my many peaks at the Milky Way, the smell of mesquite burning in a few home fire places is in the air. To say it is a magical experience would be trite; the scents of Santa Fe in all seasons are simply unmatched.

This piece is inspired by the mesquite and turquoise that are so tightly linked to this region. They feel like “home” to me in many ways, along with roasting green chiles, the smell of pine in the air, and blue corn. Wear this warm wrap with its pull-through design and you’ll feel these things, too.

The fibers used in this fully reversible piece include hand painted blue faced Leicester, a Mikado art yarn, and top merino. This piece is wet felted and shrunk for optimal drape and warmth.

To enquire about owning this piece, head here.

Turquoise and Mesquite.
Fibers used in this piece include hand painted blue faced Leicester, top merino, and Mikado art yarn.
This piece is fully reversible.

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