Color is everything

My view of the world is a palette of plants, land, and water. My inspiration comes from how rain drips off branches in spring, how the wind ripples waves in summer, how the sun lights up aspen leaves in fall, and how delicate bird tracks on a snowy winter path remind us of how even fragile things are stronger than they appear. From moonrise to sunset, all of these colors and textures change, day in and day out. Like the tide.

My work strives to recreate how I see the world move in cycles. Using water, fire, ice, clay, beeswax, resin, leaves, indigo, and more, I recreate how I view the world, in forms that are both practical and inviting, from wearable art to household art to fine art, my work always reflects what I see and feel, with a focus on depth and intensity.

In my small studio in Santa Fe overlooking the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, I create my works.