Bean Field Wars

In the American southwest the importance of water, now and into the distant past, is not only a necessity, it is part of the very fibers of culture. Indigenous peoples who have farmed the land for centuries must now fight for the right to use what had been always theirs: water to irrigate their bean fields and other crops. This piece is a reflection of water running into brown, parched fields via historic irrigation ditches; let us not lose sight of the rights of those who came before us.

This piece is wet felted using blue faced Leicester; top merino roving; yarns spun from cashmere, alpaca, and merino; and Teeswater lamb lock accents.

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Bean Field Wars
This piece is fully reversible.
Fibers include blue faced Leicester, top merino, Teeswater lamb locks, and yarns spun from cashmere, merino, and alpaca.

Turquoise and Mesquite

It’s fall in Santa Fe, and that means in the chilly evenings when I walk outside at night for one of my many peaks at the Milky Way, the smell of mesquite burning in a few home fire places is in the air. To say it is a magical experience would be trite; the scents of Santa Fe in all seasons are simply unmatched.

This piece is inspired by the mesquite and turquoise that are so tightly linked to this region. They feel like “home” to me in many ways, along with roasting green chiles, the smell of pine in the air, and blue corn. Wear this warm wrap with its pull-through design and you’ll feel these things, too.

The fibers used in this fully reversible piece include hand painted blue faced Leicester, a Mikado art yarn, and top merino. This piece is wet felted and shrunk for optimal drape and warmth.

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Turquoise and Mesquite.
Fibers used in this piece include hand painted blue faced Leicester, top merino, and Mikado art yarn.
This piece is fully reversible.

Vertical Color: Used Sari Silk

The used sari from which this scarf was made has been used in other scarves, too! It speaks to the versatility of recycling material that may be stained, torn, and otherwise not usable as clothing.

This simple design and complementary colors make for a scarf that will blend wonderfully in a casual wardrobe, looking fantastic with jeans and a tee-shirt, or a pencil skirt and a smart sweater. It can also be used with a jacket to keep the chill off.

The fiber content is 100% sari silk, and merino top roving. This scarf will be for sale at the Recycle Santa Fe Arts Festival December 6th and 7th, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Vertical Color: Used sari silk and hand-painted merino top roving.