Peacock Preen

This one-of-a-kind scarf or wrap was inspired by the vibrancy of the peacock feather; this is evident in the round, multi-dimensional peacock “eyes” and the subtle use of blues, greens, black, and iridescent in the pieces. The scarf is accented at the edges by a more ethereal combination of blues, whites, and oranges, with fine lines of mulberry silk.

The fibers used include silk chiffon, mulberry silk, dip-dyed Teeswater lamb locks, and top merino. This scarf also includes metallic blue threads of angelina; these threads are very fine and subtle and lend a subtle accent to the piece.

To see more photos of this unique pieces, and to read more about it, head HERE.
Peacock Preen

Recycled Silk Saris, Series #1

This scarf was made from recycled silk saris. I purchase used 100% silk saris from India; some are stained with ink, some have runs and snags. I work around these areas and upcycle the used saris into new scarves and garments so the beautiful silk can live another new life. For you, perhaps? Originally I made three of these, this one is the only one left.

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Recycled Silk Sari from India #2